Voltage: 380V / 220V / 415V / 440V Current: 60A Rated capacity: 60A Rated duty cycle: 10% Purpose: wire mesh screen welding machine Control system: Panasonic PLC program Electrical components: Schneider brand Ball screw: TBI brand Slot size: minimum 0.1mm / 0.2mm Screen diameter: 50-1270mm Screen length: up to 2m / 4m / 6m Guarantee time: 18 months Color: silver or as required Application: Johnson wedge wire screen welding Delivery time: 30-60 days Place of Origin: Henan, China Brand Name: Jishi Certification: CE Warranty: 1 year After-sales service provided: free spare parts, on-site installation, commissioning and training, on-site maintenance and repair services, video technical support, online support Machine characteristics Main electrical components Panasonic (Japan) PLC program Weinview (Taiwan) touch screen TBI (Taiwan) Ball Screw Schneider (France) low-voltage electrical appliances and air switches MEAN WELL POWER Mitsubishi Servo Drive Equipment advantages: 1. The equipment adopts an upgraded product with compressed air as the power source. It can also be used normally at temperatures below 0掳C. The equipment adopts numerical control intelligence, and the welding time and adjustable voltage and current are displayed on the touch screen in the form of digital Chinese characters. The control accuracy is high, the performance is stable, the solder joints are firm, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. Finished screen The finished screen can be used to weld wedge wire wrapped screens, mineral filters, coal washing nets, water filters, well screens, etc. Inquiry now, we will reply as soon as possible.China Wire Screen Welding Machine suppliers website:http://www.jiashimachinery.com/wire-screen-welding-machine/

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